The University Bookshop started as a unit of the University Library in the early 1950s. it was saddled with the responsibility of providing relevant reading materials and stationery to the University Community. It later moved to the basement of the Tower Court where it operated as a separated business entity until December 1967.

The increasing demand and expansion of its operations necessitated the construction of a separate building in the present site. Thus in January 1968 it moved its operational base to its present location.

The Bookshop has a selling area of over 4,800 square meters on two floors with adjourning offices and conveniences. It also has a parking space of about 150 square meters for the use of its numerous customers.

To facilitate effective and efficient running of the Bookshop, it was incorporated as a limited liability company under the name UNIVERSITY BOOKSHOP NIGERIA LIMITED, (UBNL) UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN, with a registration number, Rc 1449 in November 1956. The unprecedented success of the UBNL arouse the attention of other colleges in different parts of the country they therefore called for the establishment of branches of UBNL in their campuses. Thus the period between 1964 and 1976 witnessed the birth of UBNL, Nsukka branch, Lagos branch, Port Harcourt branch, Jos branch, Maiduguri branch, Calabar branch, and Ilorin branch to mention but few. With these various outlets, UBNL was able to meet the needs of the various tertiary institutions in Nigeria. The status-quo remained until these colleges metamorphosised into full-blown Universities and secured autonomy for the running of their bookshops.

Having been in existence for several decades now, the Bookshop has made an indelible mark on the Nigeria Book industry by its tremendous relevance to all the arms of the Book industry backed by the academic community of this University. As a Premier University Bookshop in Nigeria, we are still in close Business association with other Institution bookshops and also play a prominent role in the Booksellers Association of Nigeria.

The Bookshop has a Board of Directors made up of carefully selected men and women of proven integrity and business acumen under a formidable Chairman who for several years was a Chief Executive of one of the leading book publishing outfit in Nigeria. To demonstrate the commitment of the University authority to the hopes and aspiration of the Bookshop, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration), the Registrar, the Bursar, the University Librarian, a representative of the University Senate, a representative of the Governing Council were members of the Board of Directors of the University Bookshop Nigeria Limited, University of Ibadan. University Bookshop Nigeria Limited, University of Ibadan, markets educational materials for learners of all ages and interest, ranging from Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary to the Post-graduate and Professional Levels. In addition, UBNL plays the role of marketing and distribution agent to both Nigeria Publishers and Foreign publishing outfit.

UBNL now has a branch in th College of Medicine, University of Ibadan at the University College Hospital, Ibadan where an array of Medical Science titles and journal are paraded. To further serve the University Community, UBNL also offer sales and services of computer and computer accessories through partnership with Idea Konsult in all our branches; Courier Services through solid working relationship with Alpha Photo and Photonet.

With an all Nigeria Nigerian Management team, University Bookshop Nigeria Limited objective is to sustain its leadership position through the provision of educational products of the highest quality. It has a strong commitment towards optimal customer satisfaction and well-motivated workforce.

Further enquires about services which the UBNL can provide should be addressed to the Managing Director/CEO, University Bookshop Nigeria Limited, University of Ibadan, Ibadan or use any of these numbers: 08030758301, e-mail: [email protected] or visit our website.